Slayer Leecher V0.6 by X-SLAYER (latest version)

 Slayer Leecher V0.6 by X-SLAYER (latest version)

Slayer Leecher v0.6 (by X-SLAYER)
Slayer Leecher v0.6 (by X-SLAYER)

Slayer Leecher V0.6 by X-SLAYER (latest version)

What Is Slayer Leecher ?

Slayer Leecher Is A Cracking Tool Made And Designed By X-Slayer (Famous Coder). This Tool Leech The Data i.e Combolist From Various Sites Like Pastebin,Ghostbin,Etc.Slayer Leecher Is Useful In Creating Combolist By Leeching Public Data From The Internet.
Slayer Leecher Has 5 Versions Out Of Them v0.5 And v0.6 Are The Best And Latest One. X-Slayer Has Designed A Number Of Tools Including Slayer Proxy Checker And Many Other.

How To Use Slayer Leecher ?

  1. Generate Keywords For A Specific Website. Some Of The Keywords Are Mentioned Below.
    • Netflix Keywords.
    • Spotify Keywords.
  2. Paste The Generated Keywords In Slayer Leecher.
  3. Hit On Leech Data (Make Sure You Only Choose Pastebin For Collecting Data).
  4. Pass The Collected Data To Leecher.
  5. If Having Proxy [HTTPS,SOCK4,SOCK5] Add Proxy List. You Can Either Use Kidux Proxy Scrapper Or Any Other Proxy Checker.
  6. At Last,Filter The Data And Save The Combolist.
  7. Now, Check The Combolist With The Respective Checker e.g Spotify Checker By X-Risky


Password =======>

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