404k Combo List AOL (E M A I L : P A S S W O R D)

404k Combo List  AOL (E M A I L : P A S S W O R D)


Format: (E M A I L : P A S S W O R D)


A combo list is a text file containing a list of usernames/email addresses and passwords. They are assembled by cybercriminals over multiple data breaches or other security incidents, then are sold or leaked on the dark web, which means identity thieves or cybercriminals could use them to commit identity theft or other crimes.

When we detect your exposed username/email and password pair on the dark web as part of a combo list, we send you a notification. While we cannot remove this information from the dark web, you can take certain actions to protect it. We advise you to change the exposed username/email address and password on all sites where you might have used them. We also recommend you choose a new, unique, and strong password for each individual site. Don't use the same password every time.


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