Virtual Sound Card- Full Version For Free

Ashampoo sound stage is a virtual sound card that provides virtual surround sound through ordinary headphones for audio recorded with 5.1 or higher technology. The program can also give regular stereo tracks a three-dimensional feel.

The virtual sound card is software that sits between your hardware sound card and your headset.

THE sound stage The software converts the audio signals to what they would sound like through a dedicated surround system, but sends them to your headphones instead. This gives you a realistic surround experience without the need for expensive audio equipment! The conversion is based on precise measurements taken at various recording studios around the world.

With Ashampoo Soundstage, you can enjoy brilliant surround sound with your regular headphones! You won’t believe how rich your sound can be without a dedicated surround system!

Once the software is installed, confirm the installation of the virtual sound card driver (Spatial Sound Card).

Once launched, the program displays an icon in the system notification area. Left-click the icon to quickly switch “Headphone Surround”, switch between full view and reduced view (compact mode). Enable “Always on Top” to keep the program window in the foreground.

Similar to the screenshot above, the start page shows the currently selected location and speaker configuration. Click “M” to mute a speaker and “S” to enter solo mode.

Now it’s time to listen to audio. Make sure you wear your headphones the right way and play some media files, preferably movies that support 5.1, 6.1, or 7.1 surround sound to get the full experience. If you are unsure of the format, we recommend choosing “5.1” in the settings, which is quite common and also covers stereo recordings.

Free full version of Ashampoo Soundstage:

The German site offers the full version of Soundstage for free.

If you are interested in this virtual sound card, then visit this giveaway page.

Enter your email address and get the license code.

Download the installer from this link [33.7 MB].

Install and launch the software, you will notice an activation screen.

Enter your email address to sign in to your account (or create an account) and activate the full version.


Ashampoo giveaway software brings advertisements or offers related to Ashampoo software. All you can do is avoid the offers and use the freebie software if it’s useful to you.

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